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Creating your Policies - Where do we even begin?

Creating your Policies - Where do we even begin?

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Are you getting ready to set up in private practice? Maybe you are unsure where to start with creating your policies. Don't worry I can help. I have lots of experience setting up counselling services and supporting counsellors to set up their private practice. I have lots of experience helping people to get started in creating their policies.

Some of the policies we will be exploring in this webinar are:

  • Cancellation/DNA
  • Lone Working
  • GDPR/Data Protection
  • Clinical Will
  • Confidentiality
  • Safe Guarding
  • Risk Assessment
  • Social Media
  • Complaints
  • Contract

Seems a lot? Don't worry we will reflect and explore each of these policies and consider what we need to put into each one. Hopefully, by the end of the webinar, you will have the confidence to start creating your policies.

How do I buy the Recorded Webinar?

Just add the Recorded Webinar to your basket and the webinar will be immediately delivered to your inbox.

What is the Recorded Webinar

The Recorded Webinar is a digital product. It is a video recording you purchase and listen to in your own time. There are two webinars available for you to purchase. The one about Getting Started talks through the five key areas you need to consider to get your private practice off the ground. The webinar about Creating Your Policies gives an overview of the five key areas for each policy that you need to consider. The recorded webinars are the basis of my live events and lectures.

Will the Webinar be enough?

The Webinars will provide you with enough information to get your private practice off the ground. Other people might benefit from more support and more training. This is where you will benefit from buying my full Training Course. You will have access to three months of support from me and we expand much more on the information given in my Webinars.

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