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Training Course - coming soon!!

Training Course - coming soon!!

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Are you ready to learn more about Setting up your Private Practice? 

By purchasing this training course you will expand on all that you might have learned from my Recorded Webinar or one of my workshops that you might have attended. It is packed full of extra information to help you fast-track Setting up your Private Practice. 

In this course we continue to explore the five headings of  -

  • What does my Private Practice look like?
  • Where can I see clients from?
  • How do I communicate with and attract clients?
  • What practical steps do I need to take
  • What policies do I need to create?

The training course looks at each of these topics in much greater depth than you might have done previously.

The training course can be done in your own time. You purchase the course and it is delivered straight to your inbox. You can start working on the course immediately.

The format of the course is that there are videos for you to watch and learn from. You can work through the videos at your leisure. I am also available to support you in my Private Membership Group. Purchasing this training course gives you three months of free access to my membership. You will need a Facebook page to access my membership.

I will be here to support you as you work your way through the training course

Here are some of the topics we explore in depth.

We look at marketing in a big way. Some of the things we cover in marketing are -

  • Google
  • How to Communicate with your Clients
  • Websites - do we need one?
  • Social Media - do we need to be there?
  • Branding
  • Taglines

and so much more!

We also explore our policies in great depth. The policies we cover are -

  • Lone Working
  • GDPR and Data Protection
  • Complaints
  • Cancellation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Guarding
  • Social Media
  • Contract
  • Confidentiality
  • Clinical Will

There are quizzes, handouts and downloadable policy templates for you to use. 

When you complete this course you will be equipped with all the information you need to get your Private Practice up and running!

How do I get the Training Course?

Just add the training course to your basket, pay for it and the training course will be sent to your inbox.

What happens next?

Once you receive your training course, you sign in with your email and your order number. You will now be able to access the training.

How do I use the Training Course?

The training course is a series of videos that you can watch at your leisure. It is broken down into five lessons and there are videos for each lesson. There are also quizzes, handouts and downloadable templates of the policies for you to use.

Will you be available to help me?

Purchasing my training course gives you three months of free access to my private membership group. Here you will have access to me on a weekly basis and I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Can I use your templates?

There are downloadable templates in the section around Policies. You are free to download them and adapt them for your own use.

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